Tuesday, 21 May 2024

BIden Brand-Now With MORE Corruption

You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube

Cartoon published 03/21/2024

Peter Navarro is going to prison. The former Trump advisor refused to bow to the corrupt January 6th committee, claiming executive privilege. Congress doesn’t need to know about his conversations with Trump. It’s something called separation of powers. Presidential aides must be able to speak freely and with out self-censorship. If everything is being monitored by a Congress anxious to impeach, the Executive Branch would constantly be walking on eggshells. A legion of lawyers would be necessary to approve every word uttered ahead of time.

Our justice system has been corrupted by the Democrats. What they did to Navarro is what banana republics do. That is, they use the system to attack political enemies.

Hunter Biden has no such worries. He doesn’t have to testify before Congress. We saw an empty seat with his name tag on the panel, but he never showed up. He also failed to appear at a closed-door hearing of the House Oversight Committee last December. He’ll show up when he feels like it. If he doesn’t, tough beans. There will be no consequences. For Democrats, there never are.

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Yet Hunter is especially protected. A special investigator ruled his dad broke the law by keeping top secret documents stored for years in his garage. Joe was guilty! But nothing happens—he’s too old and decrepit to stand trial, but not too old to again run for president.

Biden claimed no knowledge of his sons business dealings, even though it has been proved he got his 10 percent. Meanwhile Hunter grossly cheated on his taxes, left bags of cocaine lying around, and committed a gun felony. Not to mention hanging around with Russian prostitutes, running up stripper tabs, and sleeping with his late brother’s wife. Hunter is a traitor to his country. He never signed up as a foreign agent of communist China, yet he received millions of dollars from a ChiCom company—as well as a diamond ring. What service did he perform? Nothing…he was selling the ‘Biden Brand.’ Hunter is dirty but he always gets away with it. Why not ignore Congress? Hunter will never face any prison time…unlike Navarro.

When Biden was confirmed as the Democrat Party’s choice for president I watched CNN news. (I like to hear what the CIA is thinking). The news channel trotted out a smug political analyst and expert liar who proudly proclaimed that Biden had been checked out thoroughly and that he was ‘As clean as a whistle!’ He was covering up for old Joe, but nobody could cover up the mistakes of Hunter. The security agencies and Democrat legacy media may have dismissed Hunter’s laptop as Russian propaganda, but their lie fell apart once Joe was placed in office. 

Joe Biden would love to again be seen as ‘clean as a whistle,’ but that ship has sailed. That train left the station. All because of Hunter—and Joe can’t put toothpaste back into the tube. 

— Ben Garrison

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