Thursday, 25 April 2024

The Final Wakeup Call

Great Tartary – 4th part

Christianisation Of Russia

Fri, April 5th 2024

Great Tartary Continuation 3

Siberian Cities and Villages Destroyed

Tue, April 2nd 2024

A new reality is emerging

Dna Upgrade

Tue, March 26th 2024

Great Tartary continuation 2

History Is Written By the Victors

Fri, March 22nd 2024

Density Levels in the Universe

Density Levels in the Universe

Tue, March 19th 2024

Battle between light and darkness

Battle Between Light and Darkness

Fri, March 15th 2024

Great Tartary

Eye Opener

Tue, March 12th 2024

MedBeds keep us young and healthy

Unknown Makes Unbeloved and Foolhardy

Fri, March 8th 2024

The Breakthrough

A New Realty Featured Image 800X600 3143962097

Tue, March 5th 2024

The language of an awakened conscience

Beware Of False Truth Tellers

Tue, February 27th 2024

Interplanetary Spaceships

Beauty and Nature Of Planet Earth

Tue, February 20th 2024

Who and What are Indigo Children

Protestor Holdingup Government Is Broken Sign Picture Id180745031 2929155077

Fri, February 16th 2024

Invisible Rulers

Honest Money

Tue, February 13th 2024

Christianisation by Genocide

Divide and Conquer

Fri, February 9th 2024

From Unconscious to Conscious


Tue, February 6th 2024

Mission of Jesus Christ

Ancient Khazar Empire

Fri, February 2nd 2024

An open book on our origins

An Open Book On Our Origins

Tue, January 30th 2024

Historical Research 5

Screenshot 2024 01 26 at 09.25.52

Fri, January 26th 2024

Everything is Revealed

Unique Event

Tue, January 23rd 2024