Tuesday, 21 May 2024

De Niro Wins The Oscar

“And the Winner For the Best TDS performance is… Robert Duh Niro”

Cartoon published 03/11/2024

The annual Oscar Award ceremony took place last night and the movie, “Oppenheimer” cleaned up. Many may not know that Robert De Niro also won. Not for best actor or even best supporting actor. He won the best “Trump Derangement Syndrome” Oscar. 

Before I go on, l do think De Niro is a superlative actor—he was great in “Godfather II,” “Raging Bull,” and “Goodfellas.” Yet as a human being he’s pretty much an empty vessel. He was on Bill Maher’s show recently and of course he went into his “I hate Trump!” act, which has become a predictable and tiresome performance. Everyone knows he hates Trump, but WHY does he hate Trump? He can’t say…not exactly. When asked that question he can only hurl more insults such as, “Because he’s a clown!” Or, “Because he’s a bully!” Clowns don’t tend to be bullies, but De Niro’s rage isn’t based on logic.

During an interview last year he was asked directly…”WHY do you hate Trump?” He answered, “I dunno, I just don’t like him.” Acting doesn’t always require intelligence, but when it comes to Trump, De Niro can’t even act intelligent. I suspect this is the case with most Trump haters. They have been conditioned by their leftist peers, the mass media, and by Hollywood to hate him without any sort of deep examination. They simply follow the script titled “Orange Man Bad!”

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Maybe De Niro’s complaint is mostly based on fear and paranoia. De Niro claimed if Trump is elected it would mean Trump would ‘go after’ him—and Maher would lose his show. Well, if  Trump were to do those things (and he wouldn’t), he could have done them during his first term—if he had the power and he didn't. Free speech allows Maher to continue and De Niro to rant and besides, De Niro isn’t even on Trump’s radar.  Maybe De Niro’s fear is based on his own inflated sense of self-importance. Or maybe he is auditioning for the role of a crazy conspiracy theorist.

Robert is not on Trump’s ‘to do’ list. Not at all. De Niro washed up. A De Zero. A Duh Niro. A De Nimrod. 

— Ben Garrison

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