Tuesday, 21 May 2024

New York Ball And Chain

Trump’s Legal Ball And Chain

Cartoon published 04/16/2024

President Trump’s New York ‘hush money’ trial has begun. There was no crime and this so-called trial is an abomination of justice.

Rotund New York DA, Alvin Bragg, is engaging in total election interference by means of tying President Trump up in court and keeping him off the campaign trail. The far-left corrupt judge Merchan is ordering Trump to be in court every single day—no exceptions. it amounts to the kidnapping of our former president. Trump will not be able to attend his son Barron’s high school graduation. Trump may pull an Elon Musk and tell the scumbag judge to “GFY” and attend the graduation anyway. If the biased Merchan then throws Trump in jail, we can expect Trump’s approval numbers to skyrocket.


Judge Merchan is clearly biased against Trump. He has donated to Biden’s campaign. He put Trump under a gag order because Trump was pointing out that his radical daughter suffered from TDS, (Trump Derangement Syndrome.) Loren Merchan is a frequent Act Blue donor to Democrat candidates. This is absolutely a conflict of interest for Judge Merchan who is egregiously engaging in election interference. The judge should immediately recuse himself from the case.

Law Professor John Yoo: “It’s pretty extraordinary…half of the jury pool already says that they’re so biased against President Trump that they can’t serve on the jury…” Trump cannot get a fair trial in any New York venue. 

Stormy Daniels has signed a letter saying the affair never took place. She is denying it now of course as she owes Trump over $300 thousand in legal fees. The case has a star witness-—Michel Cohen, a convicted perjurer and accomplished liar. The case should be dismissed immediately, but Bragg was determined to take a misdemeanor at best and turn it into dozens of felony charges. His legal construction would put Rube Goldberg to shame. 

This latest show trial is still yet another example of how low the Democrat Party has sunk. Stealing a presidential election is not enough—they must also destroy any threat to their power. Just like in the old Soviet Union, there can only be one party—the Democrat Communist Party.

— The GrrrTeam

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