Tuesday, 21 May 2024

WOKE Reserve

The WOKE Federal Reserve

Cartoon published 04/11/2024

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has expressed a desire to make his institution more aligned with DEI principles. In other words, make the Fed more woke. He also wants to help fight the scam known as ‘climate change’ as well as combat systemic racism, which to the woke is everywhere and in everyone. This is the excuse they use to tear down statues and traditional institutions.

None of the woke claptrap is remotely part of the Fed’s mandate, which is mostly to regulate interest rates and create debt by issuing endless funny money. The national debt is now $34 trillion and inflation is rampant. That should be Powell’s concern—not hiring more people of color to work in central banking.


People need to become more awake to the how the Federal Reserve (neither federal nor a reserve) operates. It’s completely immoral—as is their collection agency, the IRS. Sure, people pay taxes to the Department of Treasury, but more and more of that money goes to pay interest on the debt. It’s insane, but maybe Powell, like most of the far left Democrats, wants to make it even more insane. What’s next, you must use the proper pronoun at your local bank in order to make a withdrawal or deposit?

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The Fed might go woke, but central banks will never go broke. Only the powerless will do that. The banks will always get bailed out by their slaves—American taxpayers.

— Ben Garrison

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