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Zelensky More Money

Zelensky Wants More Mahney

Cartoon published 04/06/2024

While the stories of Ukrainian dictator Zelensky buying yachts and mega-million dollar mansions may be false, there can be no doubt that staggering amounts of American taxpayer dollars are being wasted on a war in a country that has traditionally orbited Russia. Our Founding Fathers would be scratching their heads in dismay if they could see all the needless and dangerous foreign entanglements that modern US politicians have created. 

The war in Ukraine would not have happened had it not been for CIA meddling. When Zelensky was installed, he attacked native Russians in the eastern part of Ukraine (Donbas Region), thus violating the Minsk Agreement. The US military industrial complex wanted another war to replace the money machine that was Afghanistan, and warmongers in both parties are cheerleading its escalation. They built a spate of dangerous bioweapons labs—a direct threat to Russia and only now have the US ‘authorities’ admitted it.

Russia will win, but due to US and NATO’s involvement, it will be far more bloody—and it could even provoke nuclear war, in which case most of the population on the planet will die. The military industrial complex and government insiders are OK with this—as long as they get their kickbacks and live large for the moment.

In still yet another provocation…Biden’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, called for Ukraine to be woven into NATO—which is the main reason Putin is waging the war. He does not want NATO on Russia’s doorstep and in a Russian-speaking nation. Yes, Zelensky grew up speaking Russian, not the Ukrainian language.

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Zelensky wants the US to shovel even more billions of dollars into his bottomless Ukrainian coffer while his dwindling military shovels out more graves. He just announced he his expanding the ages for military service. Look for him to send children and very old men into his meat grinder. Zelensky is a comedian turned killer, and it’s no laughing matter. He murdered American journalist Gonzalo Lira and Biden said nothing.

If we cut off the money to Ukraine, the war there will end quickly. Instead, a decrepit, whispering old fool along with a plethora of war hawks in the Democrat Party will keep spending billions of dollars more in order for Zelensky to protract the conflict. When Zelensky finally does lose—and Ukraine will lose, he will place the blame firmly on the US and NATO for not doing enough.

After all, Zelensky wants World War III and so do the globalists. It’s pure insanity.

— Ben Garrison

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