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Harvard Law Student Council Passes Anti-Israel Resolution After Changing Voting Rules

Harvard Law Student Council Passes Anti-Israel Resolution After Changing Voting Rules
Harvard Law School (Steven Senne / Associated Press)Steven Senne / Associated Press

The student council of Harvard Law School passed an anti-Israel resolution on Friday — after changing the voting rules to do so.

The resolution calls on Harvard University to divest from the Jewish state and anything connected with it. As the Daily Wire reported last week, the Harvard Law School Government amended its bylaws to allow for a secret ballot by its elected representatives for the first time in the history of the institution.

The Harvard Crimson reported that the resolution passed 12-4, with three abstentions. It resulted in two members of the council resigning in protest, condemning the change in voting rules and noting that the council rushed the vote before current members’ terms were about to expire.

Some activists gathered to celebrate the resolution:

Harvard University, once one of the most pro-Israel campuses in America, has become a hotbed of anti-Israel activism and outright antisemitism in recent years, notably after the Hamas terror attacks in Israel on October 7.

As The Algemeiner notes:

In November, a mob of anti-Zionists — including Ibrahim Bharmal, editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review — followed, surrounded, and intimidated a Jewish student. “Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!” the crush of people screamed in a call-and-response chant into the ears of the student who — as seen in footage of the incident — was forced to duck and dash the crowd to free himself from the cluster of bodies that encircled him.

Harvard President Claudine Gay resigned earlier this year due to controversy over her weak response to antisemitism, as well as a plagiarism scandal.

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