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Calgary business owner who refused to enforce vaccine passports during the pandemic sues government for illegal shop closure edict

The owner of a pizza shop in the city of Calgary in Canada's Alberta province is suing both the city and provincial government, alongside Alberta's former top health officials, over the illegal closure of his business during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Entrepreneur Jesse Johnson, the owner of Without Papers Pizza (WOP), announced that he is seeking restitution for the province's illegal edict that forced his business to close. The order stemmed from WOP continuing to serve patrons who weren't injected with the COVID-19 gene therapy.

Johnson has filed a $3.6 million lawsuit against the City of Calgary, the Province of Alberta and former Alberta Chief Medical Officer Deena Hinshaw. The latter served as the head of Alberta Health Services (AHS) from January 2019 until her termination in November 2022.

In a post on WOP's website, Johnson expressed optimism that he is "going to win" the lawsuit. He added: "It is our hope that our case will set [a] precedent and that Albertans are never medically segregated again."

Back in October 2021, Hinshaw – in her capacity as AHS head – ordered the permanent closure of WOP over its refusal to enforce the COVID-19 vaccine passport and serving unvaccinated Canadians. Aside from the closure, she also imposed massive fines on Johnson for his opposition to the draconian vaccine passport mandate.

But almost two years later in July 2023, the Alberta Court of Kings Bench (ACKB) ruled that all COVID-19 mandates issued by Hinshaw were illegal – including the restriction exemptions program used to justify the closure of WOP. Months later in November, all charges filed against Johnson were dropped.

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Despite being exonerated, the business owner paid a huge price. He told independent journalist Mocha Bezigran: "It cost me everything. I lost my restaurant, my other two restaurants in Calgary, my marriage, my family, my houses, my wealth and a good portion of my sanity."

Johnson confident his lawsuit will be successful

According to Johnson, he is confident that his lawsuit – filed in the ACKB by renowned criminal trial lawyer Leighton Grey of the Grey Wowk Spencer law firm – will be a success. The court's ruling that COVID-19 measures imposed by Hinshaw were illegal only contributes to this optimism.

"It was literally a miracle," he said. "It went from me having essentially a zero percent chance of seeking retribution for the crimes that they've committed to, I believe, a 100 percent chance of me receiving the retribution. I view it literally as a miracle from God."

Aside from seeking compensation for his losses, Johnson is also seeking justice for Canadians who were blocked from dining at restaurants due to their COVID-19 vaccination status. (Related: PAPERS, PLEASE! Mother and child kicked out of New York City restaurant by police because young boy had no covid vaccine passport.)

The business owner is also picking up the pieces almost three years after WOP was order closed. As of writing, he now operates a new pizza truck called POW Pizza in the city of Windermere in the neighboring British Columbia province. According to LifeSiteNews, Johnson set up POW Pizza after losing his four restaurants and 50 employees.

"Hope is more contagious than the virus, and so is courage. I think what I did made a lot of people realize that it's the people who are the power. And all we need to do is unite together and stand up in defiance of this tyrannical regime," Johnson optimistically remarked.

"I love this country. I love it very much. I think it's the most beautiful, inspirational, magnificent place in the whole world. We only have a few problems with it, and all of them are sitting in government right now."

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Watch Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announcing the end of vaccine passports in the province in the clip below.

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