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Benjamin Fulford Says there will be a Jubilee

Benjamin Fulford Says there will be a Jubilee

Sunday, 21 April 2024, 1:05 AM


Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Sherry T, Guest Writer

Submitted on April 20, 2024



PARAPHRASED NOTES: This is just a ‘rough’ outline.

“Sounding Board” (Ben’s conjecture; starting point for discussion): White Hats are definitely winning.  Klaus Schwab’s death confirmed by military intel, including M1. Handlers of country leaders like Macron and Trudeau are being removed. But we have to see it to believe it.  They have lost control of the finance system.

The problem is, we are entering uncharted water, and there has to be a transition.

Ignore the (implied fake’) Donald Trump trial.




There will be a Jubilee…(conjecture) “They will (possibly) divide the stock market valuation & commercial real estate by the population and distribute the money.”

???Possibly $363,000+ for every man, woman and child in the US.  US debt to be removed, public and private.

But I won’t say when…but one thing they agreed upon is there will be a Jubilee.

$50 trillion each will be available for both the East and the West.

These are just ideas being considered.  People contribute solutions.  Half private, half government.

Announcement if everything goes WELL, there will be some sort of initiaI announcement in May.  The thing to watch is the WHO Pandemic Treaty, because if that goes ahead, we will have to fight to literally fight to death, because they are going to try, and that would mean permanent and total enslavement of humanity under control of a Satanic cult.  

But there are unknowns; we need to find out more because they have technologies we don’t know about.  




In the meantime, the biggest threat is a deep state pandemic.  QUESTION MARKS: We don’t know what is going on in Antarctica (technologies). 

But I am very confident the White Hats have won this, and we are all going to be released from the big animal farm but expect turmoil between now and then. The question is how to carry out the transition.

Ideas for the future: For example, crowded people in apartments need larger housing.  

The idea of Israelis and Iranians destroying each other has been stopped.


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