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(Reader: Charles) Vietnam

(Reader: Charles) Vietnam

Saturday, 20 April 2024, 14:13 PM


Reader Post | By Charles

The US War in Vietnam went against everything I was taught to believe when I was 12 years old. That was in 1969.

Americans lost that war because they could not justify it with the truth, with morality, or even with their Holy Bible.

Does that sound to you like Israel’s murderous assaults on civilians in Gaza?

A thing is wrong when its purpose is anything other than a desire for justice. We need not make things more complicated than that. A nation founded upon injustice will have a history of ethnic cleansing, genocide, chattel slavery, racism, inequality, class divisions, sexism, a suppressed work force, murder, and war – a history very much like our own. Indeed, it is our history.

Injustice breeds fierce resistance that can never lead to peace, as we are witnessing throughout the Middle East. The United States will fail in Iraq because the government’s policies are not driven by a desire for justice. Its purpose is not honorable or principled; therefore, it will ultimately fail. It is wrong to impose our will on other people. It is wrong to murder innocent civilians. It is wrong to steal their wealth. It is wrong to subjugate people and to exploit them as cheap labor.

A sound moral imperative should inform all that we do, and it must have at its core a burning desire to see justice done and to help others fulfill their promise. A strong moral imperative should be the basis of cooperation between individuals and nations. Without ethical moorings there can be no trust, no justice, and no peace. It is as simple as cause and effect. We truly do reap what we sow.

The Moral Imperative
Charles Sullivan, 03/26/07





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