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Patrick Bet-David Spars With The Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boreing After He Seemingly Says Tucker Carlson Hates America

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Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet-David (PBD) and The Daily Wire’s (DW) CEO and co-founder Jeremy Boreing got into a back and forth argument on X over the weekend.

The exchange comes as DW finds itself in hot water surrounding public comments about others on the right by its top personalities.

PBD responded to a post by Boreing where he seemingly blasted conservative media host Tucker Carlson, even though he did not directly mention him by name.

“People who deny the moon landing or suggest America is evil for its use of atomic weapons against Imperial Japan or who say that George Bush was behind 9/11 actually hate this country,” Boering said in his controversial post.


The Gateway Pundit’s Elijah Schaffer then responded, writing, “You can just tag @TuckerCarlson next time, so you don’t have subtweet him like a middle schooler.”

“If I had to choose between DW and Tucker on who loves America more (not foreign nations equally),” Schaffer added. “I would put my bets on Tucker and I’m sure the emerging right wing would agree.”

PBD also replied to Boering’s post that is taking X by firestorm, asking “Isn’t the entire premise of being a critical thinker to question things?”


“Some of the best podcasters and influencers are those who ask questions no one else is asking,” he continued. “Being ‘anti-establishment’ is to question the establishment’s motive. No?”

Boering responded by declaring, “It is not critical thinking to say that America never landed on the moon or that George W Bush orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. It is a rejection of critical thinking.” To which PBD replied again, saying, “I understand your point.”


PBD continued, writing, “However, I am not a Christian because I broke bread with Jesus; I’ve never met him face to face.That requires a level of faith I’m willing to risk taking.”

“But it also takes faith to believe that we landed on the moon or someone’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks. Having THAT level of unwavering faith in the U.S. government is what I’m NOT willing to risk,” he explained. “History does not favor blind faith in any government.”


Both PBD and Boering received criticism on X following their comments. For example, The Babylon Bee’s CEO Seth Dillon asked PBD “You think the belief that terrorists were responsible for 9/11 is based on nothing but ‘blind faith’?”

“You think that’s belief in something for which there’s no evidence?” he asked.

This back-and-forth would also not be the first time X users came to the defense of Tucker Carlson, who has been blasted for being a supporter of America’s enemies in recent weeks.

Resist The Mainstream reported earlier this month, for instance, on InfoWars’ Alex Jones showing support for Carlson after Texas Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw called the host a “click-chaser” who’s “full of s***.”

Crenshaw stated, “Tucker’s MO is simple: defend America’s enemies and attack America’s allies. There isn’t an objective bone left in that washed up news host’s body.”

Crenshaw went on in his lengthy rant, which was referring to a slighted post directed at Carlson’s interview with Christian Pastor Munther Isaac by Senior host at Breitbart News Joel Pollak, to accuse the terminated Fox News host of using “mindless contrarianism” as “his guiding principle.” 

The congressman also accused Carlson of rarely answering questions objectively. 

Chief White House Correspondent at Today News Africa in Washington Simon Ateba weighed in on this critique of Carlson, prompting a reply from Jones.

“Tucker Carlson is telling the truth!” the InfoWars host said.

“The actions of Israel are the definition of Indiscriminate Attacks on civilians. I do not support Hamas and I do not support high tech genocide. I don’t like heart attacks and I also don’t like cancer,” he added.

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