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Steve Bannon's War Room

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Cold Opens shows the Sharia revolt spreading around to numerous American universities, with students becoming violent and pushing the police.


Steve Bannon talked about the makeup of the Sharia protests in American universities.

Ben Bergquam reported live from Columbia, watched the US House press conference, and offered live interviews with the student body.

Jayne Zirkle talked about the loss of Free Speech on the American campus

Tiffany Justice talked about Title 9 changes that she says will change the American culture of due process and rights for parents.

Annie Parchert talked about the Precinct project and other activism in Illinois.

Chris Hoar talked about satellite phones and their necessity for them.

Ben Harnwell talked about international new stories about what is happening in Ukraine

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Full show in Segments:

Jayne Zirkle: “Our Higher Education Institutions Have Become Indoctrination Centers”

Jayne Zirkle discusses the phenomenon of student revolts on college campuses, attributing it to what she perceives as indoctrination by administrators and teachers. She recounts personal experiences of witnessing student walkouts for various causes during her time at George Washington University in 2016.

She argues that higher education institutions have become centers for indoctrination, likening it to “communism 101.” She suggests that donors and parents, particularly those of Jewish background, should stop funding such institutions.

Zirkle cites a Harvard youth poll indicating a lack of trust in higher education institutions among young people, expressing concern that students fear for their safety and are afraid to express their opinions, particularly if they align with conservative views.

The discussion also touches on instances of physical harm or threats toward students who support conservative figures like President Trump.

Overall, the conversation highlights a perception of ideological bias and censorship on college campuses, leading to a chilling effect on free expression.

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Mike Lindell discusses his plans to implement a precinct strategy for fighting against anti-American political forces, highlighting Illinois as an area of focus.  Despite setbacks, Lindell expresses determination to continue moving forward and highlights the positive atmosphere among his employees. Lindell promotes a special offer involving American flag pillows as a gesture of appreciation to his supporters while also criticizing the design of a proposed new flag for Minnesota.

Lindell  encourages listeners to take advantage of discounts and offers on My Pillow products, noting his company’s challenges but expressing resilience.

Tiffany Justice Details The Changes The Biden Admin Is Making To Title IX

Tiffany Justice discusses the changes to Title IX proposed by the Biden administration, which are set to take effect on August 1st. Title IX, initially passed in 1972 to ensure equal opportunity regardless of sex, is being expanded to include protections for gender identity and sexual orientation, superseding state laws, she reported. Justice expresses concerns about the implications of these changes, particularly regarding parental rights and the education system, and highlights a Twitter space event with guests from legal and educational backgrounds to discuss the history of Title IX and provide information on how people can take action against the new regulations.

She emphasizes the importance of grassroots mobilization through organizations like Moms for Liberty. She encourages individuals to get involved in the fight to protect parental rights and uphold traditional education values.

Harnwell: Ukrainians Outraged As Cop Is Brutally Slain By Soldiers Caught Smuggling Weapons

Ben Harnwell from Rome provides a detailed account of concerning events in Ukraine, shedding light on dark and complex issues. He discusses instances of corruption and mismanagement within the Ukrainian government, including reports of weapon smuggling and questionable financial dealings by government officials.

Harnwell emphasizes the lack of accountability and transparency surrounding international aid sent to Ukraine, with significant sums allegedly disappearing into corrupt channels. He criticizes the Biden administration for failing to address these issues effectively and calls for thorough investigations into the misuse of funds. Harnwell also highlights the reluctance of Ukrainian citizens, particularly young people, to volunteer for military service due to disillusionment and distrust in the government.

He criticizes cosmetic initiatives by the Ukrainian government, such as suspending consular services for military personnel, as attempts to create a facade of progress for Western audiences.

Overall, Harnwell paints a grim picture of the situation in Ukraine, characterized by corruption, inefficiency, and manipulation by political elites.

Ben Bergquam Interviews Students On Columbia’s Campus

Ben Bergquam talked to Steve Bannon about a student protest at Columbia University. The discussion includes opinions from students, with the central theme being the presence of anti-Semitic sentiments and violence during the protest.

Critical points from Bergquam and the students he interviewed:

Students told Bergquam they had heard anti-Semitic chants, and they expressed concern about the administration’s response and the faculty’s support for the protesters, which they believe is fueling the situation.

The students believe that the curriculum at Columbia University encourages a revolutionary mindset, which some faculty members are weaponizing to support the protesters’ actions, and they express fear and frustration, claiming that the university has failed to provide a safe environment for Jewish students and has not taken appropriate action to address the anti-Semitic behavior on campus.

Overall, the transcript provides insight into the ongoing student protests at Columbia University, the concerns of Jewish students, and the broader implications for other campuses and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Annie Parchert Discusses How Illinois Is Really A Red State At It’s Roots

Annie Parchert discussed her political organizing and the importance of grassroots movements in political strategy, mainly focusing on the MAGA movement since January 2021. They highlight the significance of precinct strategy, the removal of specific political figures like Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, and the challenges grassroots activists face.

Parchert emphasizes the need to highlight the heroes of these movements and discuss their journey in organizing within the GOP in Illinois.

She expressed optimism about upcoming elections and shared details about an event in Peoria that would provide uncensored information about various political issues.

She also stresses the importance of being prepared for societal changes, especially those originating from urban centers like Chicago, which they believe will affect the entire state.

"In our movement, the Citizen comes first” -Steve Bannon

This newsletter is to implement the work of WarRoom guests. Remember, “Action, Action, Action,” as  Bannon reminds us.

(Credit for the Pencil drawing: Chris Hiers)

"I drew for Rush Limbaugh for 20 years, his monthly Limbaugh Letter covers and illustrated his Rush Revere books as well. After he died, I was gutted tbh and decided to return to drawing basics. I have evolved into an old-school pencil portrait artist, and I have 2 books are in the works now, and I feel in a pretty good groove again ,” Hiers said, adding this about the Bannon piece specifically:

"This particular work [Bannon as John Paul Jones] was rooted in a show of support for the "Honey Badger” SKB after he was leaving the courtroom last Sept and he quoted John Paul Jones. "I have not yet…” I thought it would make an interesting piece.”

Now it’s your turn Posse.. go do some action and be a part of your own nation’s history.

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