Tuesday, 25 June 2024

JACK POSOBIEC: 'The patriot purge has begun'

On Thursday's episode of Human Events Daily, host Jack Posobiec warned his audience "the patriot purge has begun," after news broke that Steve Bannon has been ordered to report to prison on July 1 over contempt of congress charges.

"Don't pray for Steve Bannon, pray for his enemies, because they're the ones who are going to need them," Posobiec said. "What do you think, folks? Are you surprised today was going to come? Are you surprised? Are you shocked? If you've been paying attention yet, you knew this day was coming?"

He continued: "Every single minute that Steve Bannon sat behind the War Room microphone, the hallowed halls of the War Room microphone, and the iconic mantle behind them, he was preparing you for this ... for the fight that was to come. Because he knew deep down that he wouldn't be able to be with us."

Posobiec called on viewers to take "action, action, action," something that Bannon "has always asked of any of us" by ballot chasing, registering people to vote, aiding others in getting early ballots sent, and "holding MAGA meetups" in the upcoming months before the election in November.

The host reported that Bannon has done many things personally for his family and for this show out of the kindness of his heart but has never asked for anything in return. "He has never asked for anything other than this, that you fight, that you stand up and fight back," he said.

"No more time for the weak, spineless, feckless Republicans. Steve Bannon is being marched off to the gulag. Donald Trump faces sentencing in one month's time. If you don't understand what time it is, if you don't understand how late the hour is, then you, frankly, need to get out of the way, because we are going to do things that have never been done before now. We are going to come harder, stronger and faster and we are going to do it because we know that if the other side wins, they are going to put us all in the gulags," he continued.

"So are you ready? Are you ready to step up? No one else is coming. It's up to us now. When a regime is backed into a corner and terrified, this is what it begins to do. They begin with the patriot purges and the patriot purge has begun and Steve Bannon is being frog-marched to the gulag on July 1. Wake up."

Watch the full episode below.

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